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Collections/Accounts Receivable.  Collections is one of the most important areas of any financially successful medical practice.  Lamm & Associates implements proven policies and procedures to achieve excellent collections.  We work with physicians and staff to maximize collections while maintaining the practice’s good name.  A good collections strategy can dramatically change the financial health of a medical practice.  

Insurance Filing and Follow-Up.  Insurance filing and follow-up can be the most complex and frustrating functions of a medical practice but can also be among the most important.  Every medical billing office struggles with the difficulties of meeting insurance carrier requirements in order to get claims processed and receive payment.  Lamm & Associates has a systematic approach to insurance filing and follow-up.  Our methods cover four primary areas--registration, billing, denial processing, and insurance follow-up.  Each area is structured to create a clear process design that is then implemented by well-trained staff members.  

Accounting/Financial Reporting.  A primary line of business for Lamm & Associates is providing accounting and financial reporting services that are customized to accommodate medical practices.  Many firms provide accounting services to medical groups as a small part of their overall business.  Lamm & Associates’ accounting services are exclusive to medical practices and created specifically to address the reporting needs of physicians. Detailed financial statements are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis.  As a part of our service, we routinely evaluate and advise physicians on the financial health of their practices.  Our services can also include bank statement reconciliation and payroll administration.  

Compensation Plan Development.  A reasonable and fair Compensation Plan is one of the most important elements of a successful medical group.  We realize that each and every practice situation is unique and deserves special consideration.  The physician’s wants, needs, practice style and philosophy are a few of the factors evaluated when developing a practical compensation plan.  Once the plan is in place, Lamm & Associates assists your practice in facilitating the plan regardless of its complexity.  

New Practice Start-Up.  Many factors are involved in setting up a new practice.  It requires careful planning and reasonable expectations in order to develop a successful practice entity.  Lamm & Associates uses complete checklists and experienced professionals to help facilitate the process.  This service ranges from assistance in focused areas like credentialing or financial projections to a complete turnkey approach.  We like to work directly with physicians to set up entities that will fit their practice styles.  

Feasibility Studies.  Lamm & Associates can help identify opportunities within the medical practice through detailed analysis.  Many practices tend to jump into projects such as ultrasound or mammography without evaluating its feasibility even though they require substantial capital commitments.  We take a reasonable approach to project evaluation which allows the practice to enter into new areas with confidence.  Careful research and analysis are vital to the success of any new project.  

Fee Analysis.  Most practices find it difficult to determine what reasonable fees for services should be.  Many believe that fees are not important since government entities and managed care companies frequently discount what is charged.  We believe it is still beneficial to evaluate fees on a routine basis.  Lamm & Associates’ access to national and regional data assists the practice in determining fee levels that cover costs and promote profitability.  

Overhead/Cost Assessment.  Operating a medical practice is expensive.  It can be costly to deliver a high quality service while meeting the requirements of insurance carriers and government regulations.  The fact remains that expenses can easily get out of hand which results in high overhead and lost income.  Lamm & Associates is experienced in helping practices address overhead concerns without sacrificing quality.  We provide in-depth studies to identify cost containment opportunities to promote profitability.  

Employee Policy & Procedure.  The importance of clearly defining policy and procedures for employees is often overlooked.  Due to the liability associated with practicing medicine, it is crucial that all employees clearly understand their roles and the expectations of the practice.  Lamm & Associates assists in the development and/or evaluation of critical policy and procedures.  

Coding Review.  A review of the practice’s coding and documentation can have a two-fold effect. First, it is an effective means of evaluating inappropriate coding practices or inadequate documentation that might be considered fraudulent under an investigation.  Chart documentation must support the level of service selected.  On the other hand, such a review frequently uncovers areas of undercoding which represent a lost revenue opportunity.  Recent studies indicate that a large number of services are coded lower than the level of service provided.  Lamm & Associates has well-trained personnel to discover areas of improper coding and documentation.  Our thorough review process provides practices with opportunities and peace of mind.  

HIPAA.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act affects medical practices more significantly than any legislation in recent years. In fact, lawmakers continue to try and define the different “pieces” of the act! Lamm & Associates will assist you with the preparation of policies and procedures to bring your practice into compliance with the privacy policies and regulations. We will also provide training for your staff.

Medicare Compliance Program.  No one likes the ever changing regulations imposed on medical practices.  Government officials continue to increase their resources to investigate compliance related problems.  Huge fines are routinely handed out for Medicare non-compliance, making it essential for each and every medical practice to have a Medicare Compliance Program.  Lamm & Associates can help you develop and monitor a plan that fits your practice size and specialty.   

On-Site Training/Consultation.  At Lamm & Associates, we understand the importance of continuous training for staff members in order to keep medical practices operating at an optimal level.  We also realize how difficult it can be to send needed staff members off-site for this training—especially during business hours.  Our services include on-site and off hours training for staff members and physicians.  Regardless of the need, we are happy to work around your schedule and at your location, making it possible to access training and/or consulting services without compromising the functionality of the practice.  

Patient Flow Analysis.  The most successful practices are consistently the ones that deliver  ADVANCE \u 2 high quality services in an efficient manner.  Part of the process is determining the most efficient way to serve the patient and get them on their way.  Our goal is to establish a patient flow that maximizes the physicians’ time without creating annoying wait times for patients.  Each practice location presents a unique opportunity to accomplish this goal. 

Overall Practice Review.  Lamm & Associates offers a brief, on-site practice assessment in order to allow physicians to identify areas of necessary improvement or potential opportunity.  In addition, we can perform a complete, in-depth review of all practice areas.  This assessment provides detailed observations and conclusions that are supported by sound statistical analysis.   

Managed Care Contracting.   Despite what many believe, most managed care contracts are usually negotiable.  It is important to evaluate contracts similarly based on areas that are important to the practice, not on what may be important to the insurance carriers.  Lamm & Associates customizes our contracting models to fit the needs of your practice.  This enables us to assist you in negotiating the best possible managed care contracts.  

Computer System Evaluation.  Practice operations are evaluated to identify information system needs with the understanding that every practice is different, and not every medical management system is appropriate.  Our process carefully matches needs with software and hardware availability in order to recommend the most suitable, cost effective management information system.  In addition, we provide complete assessments of existing systems in order to recommend changes and develop procedures to maximize the system’s potential and effectiveness.  

Facility Planning.  This service provides detailed analysis of an existing or new facility to advise in areas such as utilization, appearance, and expansion.  Our approach is to create a working environment that promotes efficiency and a patient friendly atmosphere.   

Web Site Development.   Physician websites can provide information and support to patients. The site can include a list of health products, office hours, informative healthcare articles, detailed information about your services, and much more.  Both your patients and prospective patients can research information presented on your website at any time of the day. Having access to quality information gives patients confidence and reassurance in the health products you use and services you provide.  Lamm & Associates can help you develop your web site, obtain reliable hosting solutions, and set your office staff up with e-mail capabilities to provide better communication with patients and businesses.

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Sandy Lamm has administered new practice start-ups for both small and large medical groups.  She has developed and managed accounting/financial operations for a 73 physician multispecialty group generating over $45 million in annual revenue and has created and administered physician compensation plans for primary care and sub-specialty entities.  Ms. Lamm has worked in healthcare management for more than 20 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of North Carolina and is a certified professional coder with the American Association of Professional Coders.


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